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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are these notes helpful for students?

In the twenty years I have taught cello, I have always helped my early grade students prepare for the General Knowledge section by providing them with notes to study from. Why?

Firstly, there is so much else for the student to prepare including pieces, scales, exercises, piano accompaniment, and sight reading. This is in addition to their school work and extra-curricular activities.

Secondly, many students aren’t really sure what information they need to know or where to find the answers.

Thirdly, as a teacher I can relax knowing that students have all the information they need to succeed in the General Knowledge section. This means there will be more time for their cello practice!

I thought that offering this information to other students would benefit their own learning of this beautiful instrument.

Why only Preliminary to Grade 4?

From Level 2 onwards I believe students should be attempting the General Knowledge notes themselves (with some help & feedback from teachers of course).

I have provided a basic template on the Free Downloads page for students Gr 5 to Gr 8 to use.

Are these the only answers I can give in the exam?

These notes give one interpretation of the general knowledge of these pieces and so you/your teacher may find your own answers or be able to explain things in another way. There are also many music dictionaries available that will give varied definitions.

Will buying these notes guarantee I will be able to answer all the General Knowledge questions asked by the examiner?

These notes will provide a great starting point for learning your General Knowledge. We cannot 100% predict exactly what the examiner will ask so make sure you discuss your pieces with your teacher as well.

Even though we are providing this information to you, it is your responsibility to ensure you understand and learn all the information written in these notes. If there is something you don't understand, you are of course welcome to ask us any questions you may have.

Please also note that your knowledge and understanding of note names/values and key signatures should predominantly be learnt via your music lessons. The free downloads page provides some summaries for your reference, however the individual summaries do not contain all this information and so you must ensure you understand and can answer any questions relating to these aspects of music.

There is a piece of music I need notes for which you don’t have on your list. Do you do special requests?

Yes, please contact us to discuss.

Can I photocopy these notes?

No, it is illegal to photocopy these notes. If someone you know wants a copy, it will need to be purchased from this website.

There's been a problem with my order e.g. I've received the wrong PDF file - what should I do?

Please contact us as soon as possible.

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